mossByte is a cloud based service that allows developers to store JSON data without needing to implement servers or databases.

No more maintenance or monitoring of complex infrastructure, we provide you with a single point of data storage and retrieval.

With the use of read and admin keys, you can even share your information with others for read only purposes or allow people to replace or modify your mossByte objects.

My mobile app development has never been so easy now that I am using mossByte, I no longer need to build and maintain my own servers for each of my apps to have a cloud based data store. mossByte provides the right place for my apps to store user data and fetch it again when needed with very little fuss and a clean set of RESTful API endpoints.

- Mobile apps developer

I found the ability to share an object with a public read key to people whom I wish to share content was very useful and especially powerful when I can update the content with my admin key and they instantly get the updates when they next look at the object.

- Content provider

I needed a place to store server stats as part of a script running on my infrastructure, rather than building a service with a database behind for storing and fetching this data... mossByte has provided this service quickly and simply with easy REST methods that any language can understand.

- Infrastructure manager

My front end website examples and portfolio apps no longer require me to have always available servers to demonstrate the full potential of my solutions and skills, mossByte provided me the perfect solution that has allowed me to remove the servers and reduce my ongoing costs.

- Student

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